Help a family

BE OUR PARTNER IN A MITZVAH: As part of our on-going reciprocation to the Australian Community, we have initiated a project called Sponsor a Mitzvah. Sukkah mart Australia has been very involved in communal sponsorship over the past few years in a number of ways: Lending Sukkot and Schach to needy families in the community and community projects Discounting Lulav and Etrog Sets to those who cannot afford Donating Lulav and Etrog Sets to be used in Hospitals and Homes for the Aged Assisting elderly or single parent families in erecting and dismantling their Sukkah and Schach Imagine the pain of a person who genuinely wants to perform a Mitzvah, but is choked by a financial barrier. Now imagine the reward deserving to those who partner the burden to make it happen! We need your help to PARTNER WITH US in this project. Not only is this a Mitzvah of charity, but you are also facilitating others by enhancing their Chag. Please consider assisting us to help others perform the wonderful Mitzvahs of Sukkot, by choosing the various options when finalising your purchase.

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