Sukkah POLES for replacement

Spare poles to replaced damaged


Poles for sukkah

Poles 2.1m Ver cornerPOLES-2.1m-corner 2 kg $35.00
Vertical corner Pole 2.1m High for all sukkahs
Poles 2.1m Ver JoinerPOLES-2.1m-Joiner 2 kg $35.00
Vertical JOINER Pole 2.1m High for 3x4 sukkah
Poles 2.4m VerticalPOLES-2.4m-Vertical 2 kg $35.00
Vertical Corner Pole 2.4m High
Poles 2m HorizontalPOLES-2m-HORIZ 2 kg $30.00
Horizontal pole of 2m length
Poles 3m Horizontal FoldingPOLES-3m-HORIZ 2 kg $35.00
Horizontal folding pole of 3m length